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The Next Steps – Episode 4: Positioning Yourself For A Miracle

In this brief conversation, you’ll see that the way we approach God has a lot to do with how we experience His power! God answers all of our prayers, but some of His answers are “No” or “Not Now”. When those answers anger us, we need to check the position of our heart. During this episode, you’ll see how to position your heart to receive from God.

The Next Steps: Episode #2 – Fight Together

During this conversation, Kevin takes the next steps with a few ideas that emerge out of Exodus chapter 17. In this passage, Moses uses his staff to strike a rock and provide clean drinking water and then lifts the staff high above his head to ensure the victory of his people over their attackers. In this episode, you’ll see that God wants to fight WITH you and if we’ll make the choice to do our part God has some great gifts in store for us.

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