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The Next Steps: Episode #14 – No More Drama

Are you living with more drama, stress, and frustration than you can handle? Here’s a simple truth: God doesn’t want the lifestyle for you! You weren’t meant to live with drama. You weren’t meant to live frustrated. You are offered a better way, and that comes through Jesus! During this quick talk, Kevin is going to show you how we get caught up in drama, frustration, and stress and how to deal with it!

The Next Steps: Episode #13 – You Can Have Peace Now

Too often we miss out on the things of God because we don’t really understand what God has for us. Our language is often inadequate in communicating about the promises God has made, and we have subsequently hijacked some terminology to mean things it shouldn’t. In this simple conversation, Kevin is going to talk about PEACE and help us all see that it’s something Jesus is offering us right now!

The Next Steps: Episode #12 – He Is Our King

During this episode we’ll talk about how we define our relationship to God. We work so hard to define our relationship with everyone else, but often we leave our role in our relationship with God simply unexamined. Jesus had a lot say about this, and it all started when He declared “The Kingdom of God has come.” He is our King, and when we embrace that… everything changes!

The Next Steps: Episode #7 – Little Things & Big Things

During this episode of The Next Steps with Kevin Simmons we’ll deal with the topics of BIG and LITTLE. Often we neglect the BIG things in life and don’t understand how our little decisions impact them. This is expanded in detail in the teaching of Jesus in The Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25. Let’s learn together how to be faithful in the little things so that we can grow the big ones.

The Next Steps – Episode 5: Hope Does

During this episode, you’ll hear how hope affects our daily lives. We all need hope, but often we’re not willing to endure the inconvenience of hope. It’s much easier to give in to doubt, worry, and fear. Hope has so much more to offer. We can ALWAYS have hope, even in our darkest moments, and this episode will help you see that!

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