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This Summer Could Be…


Public schools in America give us a beautiful gift around this time of year: summer.

Summer translates into many different words for us all: words like beach, pool, relaxation, family trips, BBQs, and vacation just to name a few. In the middle of all those, it’s easy to miss the most important word that summer should translate into: FAMILY.

While summer is one of the few seasons that we have to be very focused on our family, we all too often miss the opportunity because we’re too concerned about our own needs.

For family to work well it requires our priority to be shifted from me to we.

This summer could be vitally important to your family…

  • This could be the summer God impresses upon your child that their identity is wholly rooted in Jesus.
  • This could be the summer that your marriage regains it’s past passion.
  • This could be the summer that the whole trajectory of your family is altered for generations.

How can you make this summer matter?

The answer is simple… MAKE JESUS A CENTRAL PRIORITY!

Deuteronomy 6:6-7 says “These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.

Here are three moments that God instructs us to capture and use to infuse the love of Jesus into our family life:

  1. DOWN TIME (“when you sit at home”) – Your children are never going to be comfortable at rest, which they need, if they don’t see you model it. Sitting down together and talking should be a regular part of your family’s rhythm. My family did this over dinner every day growing up. Our family does this after dinner now. Find a time and make it routine.
  2. TRAVEL TIME (“when you walk along the road”) – If you’re going on a vacation or just taking them to ball practice, there’s travel time this summer. Put the DVD players away, sequester the cell phones, and have a conversation while you travel. Spending 4 hours in a car together? Sounds like a great time for a family devotion to me!
  3. BED TIME (“when you lie down”) – I have a friend who’s children are now grown and very successful. I asked him what he did that I could replicate as a parent. He told me that every night he’d give his children the ability to stay up as late as they wanted with one rule… once it was bed time, they had to be in bed and talking to him. He said they’d ask him questions about Jesus and life while “they thought they were just delaying their bed time, but they were really giving me a chance to disciple them and shape their future.”

This could be the summer God moves in your family. You don’t want to miss that!

*     *     *     *     *

Our friends at the Village Church in Texas produced a guide for their families this summer full of a ton of ideas to capture this summer for your family.

Village Church Summer Family Activity Book

*     *     *     *     *

What other ideas do you have to make Jesus the central figure in your summer?

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A Family Update

A Family Update

Family Updates are a way for us to keep you updated on what’s happening in our family. Like most young families, there’s always something new to share…

Continue reading

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A Quick Update: How My Girls Are Doing

A Quick Update: How My Girls Are Doing

Well … the trip to the hospital is over, and we spent our first night at home last night.
I’ve heard lots and lots of folks talk about how your first night home is a pretty emotional event, but I didn’t really expect much out of it. We were prepared. I’m a strong dude. It was going to be great: our little girl in our home.
We’ve been waiting on this moment for a while.
Well, it was traumatic. Not so much for baby or momma. Just for me. I cried. Several times. Like a baby. I think it was a slight mixture of a lack of sleep, some pretty intense emotions, and some pretty hardcore realities all hitting me at one time.
It’s ok. I’m better now.
While I was a bit shaken last night, Adahlae, did really well. She pretty much slept from 12:45 until about 6am. She’s feeding well, and doing all the stuff babies are supposed to do (or should I say doo-doo). And … she is so dang cute. The cuteness is almost unbearable.
Amanda is healing well. She’s up, getting around, and taking INCREDIBLE care of our little girl. She’s already a pretty amazing mother. I am really, really blessed to have this woman as my wife & the mother of my kids.
My mother-in-law is spending time with us as we start out on the parenthood trek.  If you know Sharon, you know she’s always really helpful and is almost as excited as we are about Adahlae’s arrival. It’s nice to have the comfort of her help as we move forward.
I want to thank you for your prayers. God heard them, responded to them, and overwhelmingly answered them:

  1. Adahlae had little-to-no problem breathing or doing the other things that are so important in those first few hours. She has transitioned very well, and we’re so very thankful for those blessings.
  2. Even in the midst of the “busiest delivery day of the year”, our doctors, their team, and the nurses were absurdly attentive to us. We had an amazing experience at Lexington Medical Center. Thanks for those specific prayers to address this particular issue.
  3. As I mentioned earlier, Amanda is doing well. The surgery went really, really well. The nurses and doctors feel that she has been healing well ahead of the curve. Please continue to pray for her. She still has some healing to do, but, overall, she’s doing really, really well.

Thanks, again, for all your love and support as we’ve gone through this.
We love you guys.
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Fun in the Snow. (a video featuring my sister)

Christmas 2010: It snowed the day after Christmas. My family (especially my sister) tried to have some fun out in the snow.  My father has always suggested that linoleum is a good means for sledding. I am pretty sure it’s not. My sister set out to test the theory.
It was pretty amazing for our whole family be at my parent’s home at the same time to enjoy this snow day together. Family is a beautiful thing. Reminds me: it’s those little things that really do matter in life.

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