You can ‘forget you’ because Jesus is NEVER going to forget you.

Kevin Simmons | Forget You - Sermon Series 2014

Two Reasons To Be At Church This Sunday

Here’s two great reasons to be at Vortex this Sunday:

Forget You#1 – We’re starting a new series.
If you’ve ever felt like life was a tad empty and pointless, you might just want to be with us this Sunday. I’m sharing three things we can shift our focus from to fully embrace the kinds of life that Jesus has called us to. You don’t want to miss week one of FORGET YOU.

#2 – We’re doing a few new songs.
I don’t normally get all jacked up about some new songs, but these songs are really powerful. There’s something about truth that has embedded itself into melody that resonates inside of our souls. I’m excited for you hear them!

It’s supposed to be quite nice outside this weekend, so enjoy your baseball and softball practices, walks and play time outside, but don’t forget to make time to gather together with your church family on Sunday! See you then.

You will find your greatest strength from whatever you place at the center of your life.

Kevin Simmons | Epicenter Series - March 2014

If you show me your friends, I’ll show you your future (seeĀ Proverbs 13:20).

Friending Series | Feb. 2014

SERMON: Friending – Week 1: Foundations For Friendship

Here’s the sermon audio from the first week in our new series, FRIENDING.

There’s no greater influence outside of Jesus on our lives than our friends and we’re spending four weeks looking into the heart of God and discovering His plan for our friendships.

Let’s rediscover the lost art of friendship together…

Sometimes On Saturday Nights…

Most Saturday nights I’ll text most of our team to see if they’re prepared for Sunday and ask if I can do anything to help them out.

I also enjoy having fun with them, so sometimes I’ll make vague references to cheesy love songs from the 80’s and 90’s.

Tonight’s question was:
“Have I told you lately that I love you?” Then… I waited for their response.

After their response which was mostly something like “Yeah, man”, I shared this video with them.

I love my team, really I do, but this was just funny.

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