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Archives: Personal Updates

Heartbeat: A Story

A heartbeat is more than a noise.
A heartbeat is proof of a heart and a beating heart is proof of life.

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Fun in the Snow. (a video featuring my sister)

Christmas 2010: It snowed the day after Christmas. My family (especially my sister) tried to have some fun out in the snow.  My father has always suggested that linoleum is a good means for sledding. I am pretty sure it’s not. My sister set out to test the theory.
It was pretty amazing for our whole family be at my parent’s home at the same time to enjoy this snow day together. Family is a beautiful thing. Reminds me: it’s those little things that really do matter in life.

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the BIG Tell. Kevin's Family.

We decided to get creative in sharing the big news, that we were going to be having a baby, with our families.  This is a video of how we shared the news with Kevin’s family:

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2010 In Review: Post #2 – Books

I have to admit that I bought more books this past year than I ever have. Here’s a confession, though: I read fewer books than I ever have. No excuses; I could have read more. Out of the books I read, I’ll share a couple of my favorites with you:

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2010 In Review: Post #1 – I Lost 35 lbs.

For years, I told myself: this year “I’m going to start running again” / “I’m going to get in shape” / “I’m going to lose weight” … And I never did.
This past year I failed at my “resolution”, but something eventually changed. Somewhere in mid- February I slowly started making decisions that changed the way I lived.
Here’s how I did it:

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My Wife, Knee Pain, & Healing

Tomorrow my wife, Amanda, is having surgery on her knee around 9-am in the morning. Please pray for her.

About 18 months ago she went in for a small meniscus repair, but the surgeon ended up removing 60% if her lateral meniscus. After rehab and physical theropy she has walked and lived in pain for the last year. Over the last six months it has increasingly gotten worse. So, we ordered another MRI and a second opinion from a leading orthopedic doctor. This physician noticed several things and immediately ordered a surgery.

We were sitting down with a friend a couple days ago and discussing this, when he said to us “You know that the doctors, the surgery, and medication won’t heal you … it’s going to be Jesus.”

Now, I’m so far from being a crazy, charismatic believer that runs around laying hands on everything sick and claiming healing in Jesus’ name. I believe in divine healing and have witnessed it first-hand. However, we all will get sick and die one day – it’s part of broken humanity and how, inevitably, Jesus brings us home to himself. But, I was taken aback by this comment.

I guess it’s so easy to trust an equation. You know, an equation: this plus this equals that. Good doctor + correct surgical procedure = healed knee. When you trust the equation, you deny the ultimate foundation of it all, Jesus.

Personally, in so many cases I have chosen to trust the equation and have forgotten about trusting Jesus. Ultimately, Jesus is our healer and we need to live accepting that reality. Jesus not only heals hurt knees: he mends broken hearts, changes our minds, and restores us from our sinful & broken ways.

Its good to be reminded just who the Healer is.

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Health Update

Yesterday I was at the doctor’s office for a follow-up on my blood work.  They took some blood to test my liver functioning again, since it had been four weeks since the first test.  

The doctor called me this morning to let me know that the test results came back normal.  

These test results mean that I do not have anything wrong with me.  I am healthy, and health is a gift that we must be stewards of.  I am learning this now, and I thank Jesus that I have that opportunity.

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My Uncle Sandy

This past Monday I traveled to North Carolina to be by my father’s side at the loss of his brother, my uncle Sandy.  Sandy was my father’s older brother, just 58 years old.  He was also my father’s best friend.  My father retired a few years ago and moved back to the place of his roots.  Over the last few years he’s gotten to experience life with his brother, and they loved each other deeply (even though they are two of the orneriest, macho men you could ever meet).

Sandy died Saturday while my sister-in-law’s wedding was going on.  The news was sad, but Sandy’s health had been failing for while, so it was a tad expected.  The viewing was Monday and the funeral was Tuesday.  

Part of being there with my dad for the funeral was being around my extended family.  Over the last several years I’ve spent some serious time diving into my family history, particularly extended family (grandparents and great-grandparents) and how they helped make me who I am.  Most of that time, I’ve spent focusing on how they gave me the problems and struggles that I carry today.  But, thats really only part of the story.

While I was there I saw family members that I haven’t seen in years: Cousins, Aunts, & Uncles.  Some of them looked remarkably older, most of them have children, but they’ve all grown up.

In them I saw something that I really haven’t given much attention to: they love each other.  You could see it in how they talked to each other, and to me (who many hadn’t seen in a long time).  You could hear the love in what they remembered about each other.  

There is this beautiful section of writing in one of the Apostle Paul’s letter’s to the Corinthians where he talks about being someone who loves.  In only the brilliance that he could share, he reminds us that you are nothing if you are not loved and do not love.  He closes the chapter by reminding that for those who love and follow Jesus there are three postures of our heart that never change: faith, hope, and love.  He closes by reminding that love is the greatest of these.  You know, in the end, love really does win.  

When my father walked out of the room after spending a few last minutes with the body of his brother he cried, bitterly.  I was reminded then that my father has this beautiful gift of loving completely.  I’ve never wondered if he loved me.  I’ve never doubted it.  It was always there.  I admire that about him, and it’s something he taught me to do.

If there was something to hang your hat on in a family, I guess thats just about as good place as any, to love each other, because, in the end, love outlasts a multitude of other pursuits and is far more valuable.

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