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5 Ways To Do Facebook Wrong As A Married Couple

5 Ways To Do Facebook Wrong As A Married Couple

Facebook is a wonderful thing. That is, until it’s not.

The purpose of social networks is simple: to connect people to other people. Social networks weren’t necessarily intended to create relationships, but were designed support the relationships we already have. Facebook is great at helping you find that long lost friend from high school or that friend you played sports with growing up.

If you’re married, the way you relate to people other than your spouse is vitally important to your marriage. In 2011, one study showed that Facebook was named in ONE THIRD of divorce filings. That simply means that many of us are doing Facebook wrong.

If you’d like to do Facebook wrong too, here are five suggestions:

#1 – Check Facebook while you’re spending time together.

There’s nothing that says, “You’re valuable to me” like keeping your head down and staring at your phone. So… Take your phones to bed. Take them on dates. When your spouse tries to talk to you, just politely nod your head and ignore them. After all, you’ll post a picture of your meal with the hashtag #datenight, right?

#2 – Seek emotional support from your online community first.

You had a bad day? Tell Facebook first. You need some prayers? Ask Facebook first. Let your spouse learn about what’s happening with you by reading your posts like everyone else does on Facebook.

#3 – Shine a spotlight on your spouse’s failures.

Nothing says, “I love and honor you” like airing your dirty laundry publically!

Everyone makes mistakes, right? So when your spouse blows it, why not make it public knowledge by sharing it with your 734 friends on Facebook? Engage in an ongoing conversation with sympathizers about your plight, and make sure to tag your spouse so they can follow along!

Think about it, if you’ll tell Facebook that, what are you telling your friends at work?

#4 – Create posts to get the kind of attention your spouse should be giving you.

Everyone loves the “feel sorry for me” posts, right? Here’s an example: “I’ve had a bad day and no one seems to care.” That’ll get you attention and let everyone else know your spouse isn’t paying you the attention you deserve!

If that doesn’t work, you can go for the “I’m unappreciated” post. Here’s an example: “I cook and clean and take care of the kids. Don’t I deserve a ‘thank you’?” I’m sure you’re friends will give you a thank you!

Or… if you’re not feeling very attractive, post a picture that you feel makes you look good. If you’re a guy, go shirtless (if you can). If you’re a girl, a good #TBT to a beach picture where you’re in some swimwear should do. Then let your friends remind you that you are attractive!

#5 – Flirt with somebody.

Find an old fling, then like or comment on everything they post on Facebook. You could mention friends from work in your posts, tell how funny they are, or share how they’re so emotionally supportive. When someone you find attractive seems down or hits a rough spot, send them a polite little ‘pick me up’ message to remind them you care!

*     *     *     *     *

I hope you’re not doing Facebook wrong, but many of us are. Getting it wrong is having a seriously negative impact on many marriages.

Getting Facebook wrong isn’t a disease; it’s a symptom of a greater problem. That disease is a lack of honor in our marriages.

Wives, honor your husbands as the person you want him to be, not as the person he is. You’ll see him in his most fragile and vulnerable state, and your response to that will play a huge role in your relationship. Honor nourishes that character of a man. As you honor him, watch him grown.

Husbands honor and protect your wives. Don’t humiliate them because of the failures. Don’t act in a way that makes her feel less important. Guard her heart and position in your life.

*     *     *     *     *

What did I miss? How else can we get Facebook wrong?

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Three Lessons In Three Years


My daughter Adahlae had a birthday yesterday. She’s now three years old. No longer a toddler, now a little girl.

We waited a long time for her, and she’s proven to be worth the wait.

She’s articulate, funny, and full of life. If you get to spend a day with her, you’ll laugh hard and play hard. She’ll celebrate you, encourage you, and love you in a way that’s vulnerable and beautiful.

I love being her Daddy, and that endeavor has taught me a few things I’d like to share with you…

#1 – You’re not in control.

Perhaps it was the multiple trips to the ER during Amanda’s pregnancy, where she had kidney stones and great amounts of pain. I think there were three trips, and during every ride to the ER I got angry and acted like a jerk. Things had gotten out of control.

Maybe it was around Adi’s first birthday when we gave her her first peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She had an anaphylactic reaction to the peanuts, and we hurried our nearly passed out child with swelling lips to the ER.

So many times I’ve felt completely helpless with her.

That’s not a bad feeling, because it reminds me that she’s not mine. Adahlae Grace belongs to Jesus, and He is always in control.

Jesus is in control even when we don’t understand what’s happening. He’s in control when our little ones suffer with an illness, even a chronic illness.

#2 – Choose carefully what you trust.

My wife calls describes having your first baby as being admitted into the “Mommy Club.” As she recalls it, there was an almost immediate flood of parental camaraderie and advice.

There’s a lot of wonderful parent advice out there.

That’s the unique thing about parenthood: it’s a very common experience that many people from all walks of life and cultures all over the world share.

When you become a parent, you’ll get advise from every one. Even those well meaning, however ignorant, friends that don’t have kids.

What well will you go to draw the water than gives life to your family?

If you don’t trust Jesus first, you’ll lead your kids towards a life that doesn’t look anything like the life that Jesus wants for them.

If they’re His kids and we’re just stewards of them for a while, let’s trust Him first.

#3 – Kids are won over with time.

My daughter loves every toy she has.

I’m sure that if we charted her playtime, there would be great equity in the time she devotes to different toys.

You cannot give her a toy without her being EXTREMELY grateful and happy.

However, she cares a lot less about her toys than she does her Mommy and her Daddy (and her MeeMaw & her Grammy who watch her during the week).

She actually views her toys as treasures to share with us. She finds little value in playing with them by herself.

Adahlae was born a little over one year before we started Vortex. In her lifetime there have been weeks where I’ve worked hard and had less time for her. During those season’s I’ve noticed her heart slipping away.

I cannot buy her heart back with gifts.

It can only be won with my time.

Isn’t that how God loves us?

Jesus stepped into time to dwell and live amongst us. It is that closeness that creates the opportunity for us to know Him.

The greatest gift God ever gave us was Himself.

The greatest give we’ll ever give our kids is the same.

*     *     *     *     *

What lessons have you learned as a parent? Share them by leaving a comment below:

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Hobby Lobby Wins Contraception Case With Supreme Court

Here’s the breaking story on Hobby Lobby from TIME.COM.

Whenever Christians are in the news fighting for religious freedom I always try to ask two questions:
Question #1 – What did we gain?
Question #2 – What did we lose?

I’m afraid that more often than not what we lose is far greater than what we gain in our public bickering.

In this case (the Hobby Lobby one), I’m personally quite happy with the ruling of the Supreme Court. Freedom is compelling thing, religiously or in how we run our businesses.

Freedom is what makes America unique.

That’s what we celebrate this time of year, isn’t it?

July 4th celebrates our declaration of independence and freedom from political tyranny.

The Gospel is all about declaring independence and freedom from sin.

Freedom is powerful thing. It’s worth fighting for. It’s worth celebrating.

*     *     *     *     *

What do you think Christians gained through the Hobby Lobby case?

What did we lose?

Leave a comment below and let me know your opinion.

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The Cost Of Freedom

Every year we take a day off as a country to honor the men and women who have sacrificed to sustain the freedom that we enjoy.

These sacrifices include…

  • Missing the births of their children.
  • Months and years spent from young brides and husbands.
  • Leaving their children as babies, coming home to them as children, and missing everything in between.
  • The loss of mental stability as result of the trauma of combat.
  • The loss of hands, feet, arms, and legs.
  • For so many, the loss of their lives.

As a Pastor in the United States, every week our church enjoys a basic freedom : the ability to gather together and worship freely. There are many Christ-centered, Jesus-loving brothers and sisters in our world that do not enjoy that freedom.

Freedom always has a cost.

I saw this video, and thought it was worth us all watching…

Realize this too: while we all need political freedom and rightly hope for the rest of the world to experience it, we all desperately need SPIRITUAL FREEDOM.

Just as soldiers have been willing to pay the cost for our political freedom, Jesus died to offer you freedom from sin and death.

Freedom always has a cost.

*     *     *     *     *

Who do you need to call, text, email, or write to thank for the sacrifice they have given for your freedom?

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10 Lessons From 10 Years


Ten years ago today I married my wife.

I think that marrying Amanda was pretty much the most significant decision I’ve made outside of responding to God’s invitation to place Jesus at the center of my life.

In honor of our 10 years, I’d like to share a few lessons I’ve learned along the way:

1. Everyone farts.
I’m pretty sure there are people that you’ve never imagined passing gas, but you know what… they do. Everyone from Barak Obama to Pope Benedict break wind, and my wife is no exception to this. When we got married I had a lofty, unrealistic image of Amanda that was quickly shattered. I’m glad it was, because now I get to love her not because she’s perfect but because she’s herself.

2. When you sin it hurts someone.
There’s no such thing as a ‘harmless little sin’. All sin hurts someone. In our marriage I saw directly for the first time how my sin hurt someone else, and it changed the way I viewed my behavior, my choices, and myself. I love my wife, and this constant reality has been something God has used many, many times in my life.

3. Morning breath is real, folks.
It doesn’t matter how many packs of mints you buy and put in a drawer in the nightstand, morning breath is killer. You can’t dress that stuff up. A mint over morning breath is like air freshener in the bathroom… I smell both of them. There are things you can’t cover up. In marriage you can’t hide, and that’s a wonderful reality.

4. The best things are worth waiting for.
We live in a world that wants instant gratification, but God’s plan has always been to sacrifice and wait patiently. We waited almost 5 years to have our daughter. Lots of tears were cried in those 5 years as we wrestled with God’s plan, but Jesus is brilliant. He knew what we needed. I wouldn’t trade anything for what we have in our daughter. Watching my now almost 3 year old daughter dance around the room while almost singing “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen last night, I was simply overwhelmed with thankfulness.

5. Something’s are worth fighting for. Some aren’t.
We pretty much fought our entire honeymoon. I was a total jerk about pretty much everything. About three-fourths of the way through the week I realized I was being a jerk and repented. Over the last ten years we’ve fought about everything from bananas (this morning) to parenting philosophy. Some difficult conversations are worth having, because it’s something that needs to be processed together. Lots of them (like bananas this morning) aren’t that important.

6. If you’re looking for a way out, you’ll find one.
If you enter any commitment looking for a reason that it can’t work, then you’ll find one. Marriage is no exception to that. Invert that and it’s true too: If you’re always looking for a reason to remain faithful, you’ll find one too. Faithfulness is the culmination of lots of tiny steps that focus on the right ending. What you’re focusing on will define your marriage.

7. Laughing is good medicine.
I’m going to confess something we’ve never shared… about once a month we stay up really late having a tickle fight. It’s never planned. They just kind of happen through a series of escalations and “don’t you dare do that” challenges. My wife has an amazing laugh. It’s contagious. Her laugh makes me laugh, and it comforts me. I’m glad she laughs, because it’s always an invitation to something fun.

8. Listen.
Most of us want to talk. We want our voices to be heard. That’s understandable, because your voice should matter. I’ve learned to listen in our marriage, not because I’m dumbfounded, but because my wife is an expert in things I’m not, namely HERSELF! So, when Amanda told me “I don’t like to come home to flowers, I’d rather you buy me flowers and bring them to work”… I listened to her!

9. It’s not always going to be easy.
It’s actually hard work. Doing this right involves a lot of sacrifice and self-denial. A good, healthy marriage can NEVER be self-centered. On a good day, that’s not easy. Hit a difficult patch, and it’s next to impossible. That’s why you can’t do it alone. We desperately need Jesus in our marriages. His love is the only love that can carry us through difficult seasons together.

10. Grace sustains.
If my sin leaves a wound in our marriage, it is Grace that heals it. If you get close to anyone, they’ll wound you eventually. Wounds hurt. A lot. That’s why we need grace. Grace sustains our relationships. After all, isn’t that God’s plan for us… that He’d love us, give us grace, and sustain a relationship with us when we’ve proven countless times that we don’t deserve it.

*   *   *   *   *

What lessons have you learned in your marriage?

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Three Things I Ask My Wife When She’s Upset

amandaIf you’re married and have a couple seasons under your belt, you know that it’s going to be vitally important to learn to navigate tension together.

You’re going to fight. That’s a good thing; it’s the tension of iron sharpening iron (Proverbs 17:17). If you’ll let it, that tension will make you better.

You’re also going to deal with the tension that emotions create. Sometimes these emotions are deeply grounded in a situation that we’re walking through, and sometimes they’re just coming at us from out of nowhere.

Everyone processes emotions differently, and learning that difference is a huge step in allowing your marriage to be a safe and health place to process them.

I’m an ‘internalizer’. When I’m stressed, hurt, angry, or sad I try to keep it all inside. My wife has learned how to tell when I’ve had a bad day, how to serve me when those days come, and how to help me process the emotions.

When Amanda is upset, I’ve learned to ask her three questions, because, as her husband, my primary job is to always point her to Jesus first.

Question #1 – Have you prayed about this?

I don’t mean a passing prayer, like “God fix this.” I mean, have you sat down and really sought the wisdom of God in this situation? Have you searched the Scriptures? Have you listened for His voice?

The reason I ask this question is simple: if Jesus is going to be central to our lives, He must be central to everything. It’s too often that we run to other people before we turn to Him.

Pray first. That’s how we approach things.

Questions #2 – Who are you primarily leaning on for emotional support: me or Jesus?

If you know how I feel about my family, you know that I want to be there. I want to hold my wife’s hand when she cries. I want to hug her when she’s hurt. I want to be there as I should be.

But… there are things I cannot be to her.

Here’s a very important lesson I’ve learned recently:
You cannot hold a position in someone else’s life that God has reserved only for Jesus.

The Scriptures tell us that Jesus should be our “Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6) and invites us to “cast all our cares on Him” (1 Peter 5:7). If I try to be any of those things, or if my wife were to expect me to be them, I’d only fail her, break her heart, and leave pain in the process.

Only Jesus can be Jesus, and only He can carry the full weight of our worry, anxiety, and fear. Faith in Him frees us of those, and, in turn, allows us to look to Him first.

Question #3 – Are you trusting Jesus with the outcome?

It’s easy to trust Jesus as a concept when everything is going well. You’re kids are behaving, there’s plenty of money in the bank account, and you haven’t fought in a few days… “YES, I TRUST JESUS!”

But have something blow up…

Watch yourself in those moments. You’ll try to fix it. You’ll get involved where you shouldn’t.

When we try to fix things, we’re practically telling Jesus: “I’m not sure I can trust what You’re doing with my problem.”

And… it’s not just ‘trusting’ Him in some abstract way; it’s trusting Him with the outcome that really matters.

When this is all over (whatever it is), Jesus is going to have His way and you’re going to be better for it. Do you trust that? If you do, hold on to it, remind yourself of it, and rest in it.

*   *   *   *   *

How do you work to process emotions in a healthy way that constantly points you to trust Jesus? Leave a comment below and share it!

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Two Lessons From My Kids This Morning


Three mornings every week I have the awesome privilege of getting our kids up and to wherever they’re supposed to be.

I don’t get in a hurry, either. I enjoy my mornings with them. My daughter is super-sweet and my son is extra-happy in the morning, so I get to enjoy a lot of those moments with them. Before I know it, they’ll be in high school, so I’m not going to apologize to anyone for taking extra time to be present with them.

Here’s two things I learned from them this morning…

#1 – You can’t always see what the Father is doing for you.

Pretty much every morning my son wakes up crying. There are two reasons for this… he has pooped himself or he is hungry. Either problem requires my help to solve.

Before you give a baby bottle there’s a small amount of prep that’s required. You have to get the milk (or formula) into the bottle. Then you have to warm it up.

As my son lay in his crib crying his little head off, I was in the kitchen getting his bottle ready.

It hit me this morning: we spend too much time complaining about what our current situations. Complaining tells God, “I don’t trust you to solve this problem.” That’s why the imprisoned Apostle Paul tells us, “Do everything without grumbling or arguing” (Phil. 2:14).

Faith says the opposite… it’s says, “God’s got this.”

You probably can’t see what Jesus is doing to solve the problems your facing right now, but trust Him with them.

#2 – Jesus is always inviting you to dance.

My daughter is a big fan of music. She loves to dance.

I rarely listen to music when I’m driving because I like to be left to some silence. It’s not uncommon for my daughter to request some music as soon as we get on the road.

This morning she was chatty, which I obviously love. We talk about stuff she wants to talk about… her mom, her “friends”, her grandmothers, her stuffed animals, and a thousand other silly things.

Out of the blue she made this comment to me:
“If you don’t play any music, I can’t dance, Daddy.”

This was her subtle way of reminding me that ‘this moment could be a tad more fun if you’d play some music and let me dance’.

The Scriptures tell us of a God that has invited us to dance. He’s more than capable of taking the broken and ugly moments, healing our hearts, and inviting us to dance with Him.

That’s how David could write, “You have turned for me my mourning into dancing” (Psalm 30:11).

*   *   *   *   *

What are the greatest lessons your kids have taught you? Leave a comment below and share with us.

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God Doesn’t Need Your…

God Doesn’t Need Your…

My daughter will turn 3 this July.ADI

She’s a whirlwind of affection and fun right now. She’s so expressive, dramatic, inquisitive, and relational that life with her right now is just plain fun. I love being her daddy.

Adi loves to give me gifts. She’ll grab a toy that she’s not playing with, run over to me, and give it to me with a big smile and a huge hug.

Occasionally she’ll give me her most prized possession, her blankie, only to recant the offer after a few moments.

I love it when she gives me gifts, but the truth is… I don’t need them.

I don’t need her blankie, my wife has about twenty of them stockpiled. I don’t need her toys; I’ve outgrown them. I don’t need them, but I love getting them.

There are a lot of things we think God needs from us that He really doesn’t.

Here’s a list of four things God doesn’t need from you…

#1 – God Doesn’t Need Your Talents & Gifts

He gave them to you, remember? As he formed you, He gave you those natural abilities that have grown into talents. He has given you Spiritual Gifts supernaturally since you made a decision to follow Him. He gave them to you because He loves you. He knows that we were created with a longing to be significant to others, and through His grace and mercy He has given us an opportunity to do that by making our world a better place using those talents and gifts.

#2 – God Doesn’t Need Your Money

It’s not your money, first of all. Everything you have belongs to Jesus. He has just chosen to bless you with it and trust you to carry out His plan with it. God doesn’t need your money, but He wants you to learn that you can trust Him with everything, including your financial situation.

You need money. God knows that. He knows you need shelter and groceries and gas. He wants you to give generously for YOU! If God needs our money, we HAVE to give. But… God doesn’t need our money. We don’t HAVE to give, WE GET TO!!!! There’s nothing that adds to our joy like being generous.

#3 – God Doesn’t Need You To Be Perfect

It’s easy to get in the mindset that we earn God’s favor and blessing. If we could get it right, then the cross is simply not needed, but Jesus gave us the cross because we can’t get it right without it. Actually, our perfection is never going to be the basis of our relationship with God. It’s the perfection found in Jesus that does that!

#4 – God Doesn’t Need You

We live in a world of superstars. There are magazines devoted to telling you every little detail of stars: their food, parenting decisions, style, and other obscure facts.

It’s not uncommon for our superstar culture to bleed over into our lives, as we become the superstar of the story we’re living.

Truth is, God doesn’t need you. He doesn’t need me.

I’m not a superstar. I’m not so important that God’s plan crashes to a halt if I blow it.

But… God wants me. He wants to use me.

And… He’s invited me into His story. I’m not the main character. I’m not the author. I’m just playing my part as the Grand Author writes His epic story.

What a grand invitation! God doesn’t need me, but HE WANTS ME!

Let’s embrace these as what they are, invitations to experience a loving and gracious God!

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Four Things I Learned In Montana


I just spent a week in a remote part of Montana fly fishing the Big Horn river for trout with about 12 other pastors and ministry leaders from literally all over the country.

I know, for some of you that sounds AMAZING, but I haven’t fished since I was a kid and I haven’t exactly made the outdoors a huge priority in this last season of my life.

My friend Dan Sallbaum invited me on this trip hosted by the Refuge Foundation. Dan is the Pastor of Southeast Christian Church in Merrit Island, FL and also serves as one of our overseers at Vortex.

Here’s four things I learned on this trip…

1. You have to intentionally create margin. I had to plan ahead and divvy out responsibility so that I could be gone for a week. It’s true for our lives, too. If we don’t get intentional about creating margin, we’ll live at an unsustainable pace that will rob us of spiritual, emotional, and relational health.

2. Fly fishing is hard work. The Big Horn river has almost three times the amount of trout that other ‘good’ rivers have and it took some work to learn how to fish. I was the only guy out of the 12 to NOT catch a fish on the first day, but on the last day I landed almost 10 of them. In life, anything worth doing is going to be hard work. Don’t run from a challenge. Embrace it.

3. With Jesus, friends come out of nowhere. There were several guys on this trip, Dan included, that I met in weird, happenstance circumstance, but I can see God using them in my life. The best things in life are found in the margins, and if we reduce the margin in our lives… we’ll miss them.

4. Hurting people are everywhere. As the weekend closed, one of my new pastor friends that I’d met on this trip told me this: “Man, I’m hurting in life right now.” He’s the Pastor of a very successful church and has a beautiful family. I’ve been there recently… hurting and broken and not sure who really cares about you.

When you get mad & flip off that lady that wasn’t paying attention and almost ran into you on the drive into work… maybe she just found out her husbands been cheating on her and her heads not really into the drive.

When you get impatient because someone won’t return your phone call in the evening, maybe you don’t realize they’re at home taking care of a spouse that’s struggling with an addiction nobody knows about.

Let’s endeavor to be the kind of folks that refuse to make ourselves the center of our own little worlds. Let’s love other graciously and generously.

After all, if you’re the center of your world… that’s a pretty small world and Jesus has so much more for you.

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Saturday Selections – March 29th

Saturday Selections is a chance for me to share some of the most relevant news stores that grabbed my attention this past week. As a follower of Jesus we’re called to be informed about the world we live in, so that we can center our lives on a Savior that is not of this world.


Last year I preached a series called “SEXY” that was voted by our church to be on of their favorite series we’ve done. During that series we examined God’s plan to make us male AND female, and took a look at how this world has corrupted that plan.

Former President Jimmy Carter was interviewed about international affairs and shared his views on what the Scriptures say about gender equality.
[click this link to read the entire article]

A young girl was kicked out of a Christian school for being too much of a tomboy. This story has drawn a lot of media attention this week.
[click this link to read the entire article]


I love that we live in a world that has so much research and help available to parents. Obviously, we want our parenting practices informed first by the Scriptures, but we can also grow as parents by understanding where others have had success and failed.

Here’s a good article called “6 Things Overprotective Parents Do Wrong”. I think that one of the things the Scriptures ask us to refuse to give our children is fear, so there was a lot in this article that I liked.
[click this link to read the entire article]

This article highlights research that shows that most parents surveyed steal from their kids. This is a whole sermon in-and-of-itself, but it goes to prove that our culture views children as assets that we own not treasures we have been asked to steward.
[click this link to read the entire article]

Here’s an op-ed piece written by a guy that practices what he calls “experimental parenting”. Some of the research he quotes is interesting, but I like the fact that there is a reason for everything. Remember: Life happens by default or design. Parenting is the same.
[click here to read the article]


Part of what we’ve termed “Obamacare” is an ’employer mandate’ that would require employers to provide insurance that provides certain types of FDA approved birth-control. If you didn’t know, Hobby Lobby is a family business that is ran by Christians.
Here are several articles with perspectives on the case:
USA Today Op-Ed Piece: [click here to read the article]
Huffington Post Report: [click here to read the article]
Washington Post Op-Ed Piece: [click here to read the article]


For my teacher friends, this is one of the most disturbing articles I’ve read in a long time. With the formal classroom not so far behind in my rearview, I can see how this is not only plausible, but very possible.
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I’m going to save my opinions on this whole debate, but in my circles people have been throwing a lot of rocks at ‘Noah’ and a lot of praise at the other two films. I’ll probably write a piece next week on this.
Faith-Based Movies Are More Profitable For Hollywood: [click here to read]
A Perspective On The Making Of Noah: [click here to read]
A Good Piece On Christian Film-Making & It’s Challenges: [click here to read]


This past week the President of World Vision, a Christian Missions organization that supports missional projects all over the world supporting underdeveloped cultures and primarily children, announced that they would recognize homosexual marriages as a healthy expression of sexuality. Evangelicals went on the attack after.
Here are a few articles I thought that were good…
The original announcement, as written in Christianity Today: [read more here]
How one denomination has chosen to advice its churches: [read more here]
Probably the best response I’ve read from TGC: [read more here]


Here’s two great blogs by a clinical psychologist to his daughter about what it truly means to be beautiful. One of these has been shared a bit on Facebook.
Letter #1 “From The Makeup Aisle” 
Letter #2 “Can’t We All Agree On This One Thing”


America’s Least Healthy Counties…. WE DIDN’T WIN!!!!

Kim Jong Un is now requiring every male in N. Korea to have the same haircut. This is one of the funniest stories that I’ve read in a while. I spent about 15 minutes picturing this craziness and laughing.

Have you ever wondered which states you would most likely to die in if there was a Zombie Apocalypse? Well, if you’ve had that thought, here’s an article to scratch that itch:

Are you tired of watching the same video promoting every company? No. Well, apparently someone wanted to have a little fun and poke at how most companies are portraying themselves these days.

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