What Is Good?

Have you ever noticed that if you ask the wrong question, you get the wrong answer? 

Your friend asks you to stop by and pick up some frozen strawberries. You stop by a clerk on your way into the grocery store and ask, “Pardon me. Do you know where the strawberries are?” The clerk points you to produce where you find the boxes of strawberries.  You buy them and head on your way. When you finally arrive at your friend’s home, you find out that you have the wrong item. You have fresh strawberries, not frozen ones! What seems like a slight difference can have a huge impact. 

Think about the questions you’re asking in life. 

Could it be that you’re asking the wrong questions, and that’s why you’re getting the wrong answers?

One of the questions we are commonly asking is: What is good

Good is a good question, but it’s often the wrong question. 


  1. Asking for what is best has a more positive impact in my lifespan, than asking for what is good, in the moment. I have made a lot of rash decisions in my life, based on what I thought felt good to me but wasn’t best for me.

  2. In relation to my job waiting to respond to any and all questions has been something I am working on so that I can provide the ‘best’ answers and not the ‘good’ in the moment answers.

    1. I think that’s awesome, Holly! It’s often hard to see whats best in the moment. Sometimes we need a break to pause and see what’s best. Love you. Love what you’re doing!

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