What Is Good?

Let’s put this in context.

Think about your kids. How many times have you caught yourself asking, “Will this be good for them?” Or “Is this good for their future?” Or maybe, “Is this food good for their bodies?” 

You might be doing this for yourself as well. Perhaps you’ve asked, “What’s a good goal for me this year?” Or maybe you’ve defended your behavior by saying, “Hey… This isn’t a bad thing that I’m doing. It’s a good thing. Why are you upset with me for doing a good thing?” 

There’s a problem with good.

Lots of things are good. 

Kids are good. Work is good. Friendships are good. Money can be good. 

Good things aren’t bad. They’re just not best things. 

Often we lose our lives to good things and neglect the best things.

That’s the problem with good. It’s not best. 

Maybe it’s time to start asking God what’s best instead of what’s right. Be careful, though. This isn’t a light-hearted prayer. This is a prayer that evokes significant movement and change in our lives. 

When we start to identify what’s best, we’re forced to say “No” to many good things.

Good isn’t bad, but “good” is the enemy of best. 

Maybe it’s time to stop asking God if this or that is good for your kids. Maybe it’s time to start asking God what’s best for your kids. And… If you respond to God’s best, it’ll require you to say “no” to many good things.

Under .02% or all kids involved in athletics will become a professional athlete. Every kid will stand before Jesus one day. Which one is best… participating in travel ball or being wholly committed to a church family? If you have to choose: Choose what’s best, not what’s good. 

Let’s stop asking “What is good?”. There’s a better question and that question is “What is best?” 

If we start asking that question, lots of things will change in our lives, our families, our hearts, and our environment as we align our lives to God’s best! 

*     *    *     *     *

What is something GOOD that you need to sacrifice for something that’s BEST? 


  1. Asking for what is best has a more positive impact in my lifespan, than asking for what is good, in the moment. I have made a lot of rash decisions in my life, based on what I thought felt good to me but wasn’t best for me.

  2. In relation to my job waiting to respond to any and all questions has been something I am working on so that I can provide the ‘best’ answers and not the ‘good’ in the moment answers.

    1. I think that’s awesome, Holly! It’s often hard to see whats best in the moment. Sometimes we need a break to pause and see what’s best. Love you. Love what you’re doing!

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