You're following the wrong someone else.


The invitation of the Gospel is to follow Jesus.
The unfortunate thing is that many of us are following someone else.
It’s not as though we meant to. It kind of happened on accident.
But… if you get hit by a car while playing in traffic, don’t blame the car. You chose to play in the traffic.
We set ourselves up for it, and it’s all happening in our hearts.
The scriptures tell us to “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” (Proverbs 4:23 NIV)
Attitudes start in our hearts and then work their way out into our behaviors.
We have a problem in our hearts, and it’s simply a problem of focus.
We’re not focused on Jesus.
If you’re like me, there may have been times that your life has been propelled forward by a very dangerous posture in life:
Comparing ourselves against those who seem to be doing better than us.
Comparing our lives to those who we see struggling.
Both… dangerous.
Comparison only leaves us in two places: pride or lust. Neither a place you want to camp out in. Both are broken. Both are painful.
Comparison robs us of contentment.
Comparison invites us to want something that we will never need simply because someone else went deeply into debt to purchase it.
Comparison invites us to hate our current circumstance because we think that so-and-so is doing something so much better without knowing the back-story, the sacrifice, or the real story.
Comparison says to Jesus: “I can’t trust you; you failed me.”
Or even worse… It says: “I don’t need you. I’m doing fine on my own.”
The greatest danger in comparison is that it leaves us focused on someone other than Jesus.
When you’re living a life of comparison, you end of chasing people.
So… let’s stop doing that. It’s busted and broken.
In turn, lets follow Jesus, because that’s what the Gospel ultimately invites us to do!

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