It's Going To Get Better


As we entered March our church was in the middle of it’s first significant crisis.
During the weeks prior a few families that were so very pivotal in our start decided to back away. This was something that I was prepared for, because research shows that it’s very difficult for families to be there before, during, and after the start of a new church. Even though I was prepared for it, I was unsure how our young church would respond.
God spoke very clearly to me in the middle of this and told me this:
“You will not only survive, you will be better because of this.”
I’ve stopped trying to define things for God. When God tells me it’s going to get better, I simply trust that however it “gets” is “better”.
So… at that point I had no idea of what to expect, but I knew that I could trust Jesus.
March was fairly normal… until Easter.
In January I had taken a job to help fill a position at a local middle school helping students that were struggling academically. I was stretched and tiring. Gradually, I was seeing that our church belonged to Jesus, and no matter how hard I worked (or didn’t work), He had plans for us.
On Easter, 27 people committed their lives to Jesus at Vortex. We didn’t do any marketing. We didn’t send out mailers. We didn’t promote it on Facebook. Our people just invited other people.
And of those who committed their lives… many of them were for the first time.
That Sunday became a catalyst for an amazing Spring season.
We had our largest month in April, averaging 134 in attendance.
In April and May we started small groups. We started seeing people love on one another in a real and meaningful way. Our small groups were only scheduled to meet for about 8 weeks, but many chose to push beyond that.
As we approached the summer, it was becoming obvious:
God was doing something special at our church.
God’s idea of “better” is always different than ours. That’s why the Gospel is “good news”: because we’ve defined “better” so poorly, the Gospel of Jesus redefines it for us.
Jesus always knows what’s “better”. It’s our job to simply trust and follow Him.

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