What's going down …

Something’s going down with our family and we would like to share it with you …
For the past seven years we’ve lived in Columbia, SC. Amanda has worked for BB&T and I’ve been on staff at Friend Church. We bought a house, made some friends, and forged a home in this city.
Our time in Columbia has forever altered the trajectory of our lives. It’s a place that we were given the opportunity to face ourselves, our marriage, our failures and successes, our weaknesses and our strengths.
In the last few years we’ve faced some serious medical conditions and dealt with their implications in our family. We’ve spent considerable time with a great counselor learning about ourselves, our families, and how it all works together to form who we are … and how to repent, give grace, and get beyond who we are.
There’s nothing comfortable about facing the weaknesses inside yourself, but through a lot of sincere conversation, good friends, and repentance God has been restoring us, changing us, and ultimately calling us.
A lot’s changed in the last few years: Not too long ago I turned thirty. I released the worship album with the help from some of my friends at church in 2010. Amanda got pregnant, and we had a little girl this past July.
I can’t imagine my life without what these last few years have brought.
A few weeks ago we announced that God had called us to do something different and following that calling meant that we had to leave our church, move, and respond to Jesus.
My last Sunday was just a few weeks ago, on January 1st, 2012.
After the service I was left to pack up some of my gear at the church; it was time to take it home.
I was one of the last ones in the facility and was alone in the auditorium.
I wept … deeply.
I cried because I was thankful.
There was no regret or remorse in my tears. I was simply moved by that gratitude I felt for what God has allowed me to be a part of.
I loved my time at Friend Church, but the call of God is something that I cannot shake or run from.
I told our friends at church: “If I’ve asked you to listen to Jesus and respond to Him for all these years and I can’t do it myself, then those words were futile.”
So … Amanda and I are selling our home, packing our things, and moving our family to Stanly County, NC.
Stanly County’s a place I’ve loved since I was boy. It’s a place that God has given us an opportunity to serve with the gracious love of Jesus. While most of us that moved away from Albemarle like to think of that move as a “get away”, we’re happily returning with a lot of affection and affinity in our hearts for Stanly County.
Without reservation I can tell you that “we love Albemarle” and I’m looking forward to seeing what Jesus does in our lives and the life of that city.
There’s a lot of risk involved with this decision, but I believe that there has to be a few things you’re willing to risk it all for.
We’re willing to risk it all for this.
My wife, Amanda, and I will be writing on a blog that we’ve set up specifically to tell the story of this transition: welovealbemarle.com.
There are three things we’d ask you to consider doing for us as we make this transition:

  1. PRAY FOR US: For Amanda, Adahlae, and myself. Also for what God’s starting in us, with us, and through us during this time.
  2. TALK WITH US: It’s impossible to tell the complete story in print. If you’re interested in hearing what’s going on, let us know and we’ll set up a time to sit down and share what God has been doing in our lives.
  3. JOIN US: It’s rare to accomplish anything great alone. We’ll need people to walk with us and stand with us as we ask God to do something amazing in our city.

Please stop by and visit welovealbemarle.com; both Amanda and I will be writing posts for it over the next few months.

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