3 Things To Do Before Tuesday's Election

On Tuesday our country will complete the polling process and elect new public officials in every level of government.
Here are three things we need to do as we prepare for the election:

1. Pray & Research… then Vote

Proverbs 25:2 says “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter.”
Sometimes prayer is searching for something that isn’t obvious. We need to prayerfully consider the candidates that we would vote for and search the heart of Jesus as we get ready to cast our votes.
Research allows us to understand just who the candidates are… not just by identifying their party affliation.
And… please consider doing this for EVERY vote that you’ll cast: president, congress, governor, judges, state congress, and local elections.

2. Trust Jesus. 

Once you’ve voted… Trust God.
No matter who is elected, Jesus is still King. He can’t be unthroned, and his power is ALWAYS greater than the power given to any man.
He is holy. That means he is always good, always right, and always faithful.
Romans 13 teaches us that whoever wins the election was put in place by Jesus and to resist them is to resist Jesus. Understand that the Apostle Paul was writing this in the midst of some significant persecution of the church, and we’re far from living through days that our neighbors are being crucified and burned for confessing belief in Jesus.

3. Don’t Complain.

Some of the people you vote for will win. Some won’t.
Don’t complain about who doesn’t win simply because you felt led to vote for them and they lost. The bible tells us that there is never a good reason to complain. Complaining implies that you don’t trust Jesus.
Instead, trust Jesus. (see above)
There will be times that leaders fail. There will be leaders that are ungodly (again.. reference the Apostle Paul’s context as he wrote the letter to the church in Rome).
When leaders fail… grieve their failure. When King Saul failed to follow Jesus, the Prophet Samuel grieved his failure. He didn’t publicly criticize him. He cried. He stayed up all night praying. He mourned, because he knew that Saul was going to do what Saul wanted to do instead of what God asked him to do.
As Samuel, the Prophet (spiritual leader of Israel), grieved for Saul, God rejected and removed him from office.
What if we (Pastors, Church Leaders, and Christ-Followers) stopped complaining about politicians and leaders that have failed Jesus and started grieving their failure?
This election, just like every other event in our lives, is a chance for us to encounter Jesus and respond to him. Let’s use it as such.

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