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Family Updates are a way for us to keep you updated on what’s happening in our family. Like most young families, there’s always something new to share…

FAMILY UPDATE | August 6, 2012

 An Update On Vortex…

God writes amazing stories, if you let Him. That’s exactly what’s happening as our church prepares to launch. Our launch team is growing, and we’re hearing amazing stories from those who are helping us. So,we’re getting ready to launch on September 9th at Eastgate Cinemas in Albemarle, NC.
I can’t describe the excitement that surrounds preparing for launch. I’ll be sharing more about that in the coming weeks, but let’s just say: there are sleepless nights, lots of work to be done, and big prayers to be prayed in the next 5 weeks!!!!

Amanda & Myself…

Amanda is pretty much amazing. She’s still working so that we maintain a source of steady income. She comes home every day and takes care of me and Adahlae. She’s an amazing mother, but who expected anything less?
Marriages are tried during the planting season of a church, and we’ve certainly had our tensions to walk through. God has been so faithful to send supporting, loving people to help us out. Our mothers watch Adahlae each day, which is an incredible amount of help. We’ve also intentionally taken time to invest in eachother. We’ve learned through the years that even in the midst of some craziness, you can back up and take a break. So, please continue to pray that God protects us, because this last month is going to be CRAZY!!!!


She’s amazing. I love being a Daddy. Her little personality is emerging more and more, and we’re excited because she loves to laugh, loves people, and is MOTIVATED!!!
It’s been my prayer as a Daddy that we would love her well enough that the affections of this world wouldn’t be attractive to her. I’m learning that as a parent: all you can do is all you can do. You’re not in control; Jesus is. We’ve got to trust Him with our kids!
Since she was in her momma’s belly I’ve prayed that God would use her. He already does. She can’t be in a room without getting people’s attention and trying to make them smile at her. I believe this little girl is going to love people in a very powerful way, and it’s still my prayer that God uses her as force in His kingdom.

Final Thoughts…

Life gets crazy sometimes. The idea of living a ‘balanced’ life is all too often an excuse to not do something we don’t want to. Life balances itself out over time. Right now is a season of CRAZY! If I refused to do the work it takes to make this what it needs to be, I’d be failing my calling. So… pray that I (and my team) stay focused on what matters.
In case you didn’t know… what matters is Jesus. This season isn’t about our family sacrificing to start a church. It’s about our family sacrificing to respond to Jesus. Jesus is the ULTIMATE priority, and He’s what we’re ultimately chasing!
Call me if we haven’t talked in a while. I’ve been busy.
I love you!

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