A Confession

I need to confess that I love me some coffee.
It all started out of necessity. I’m not exactly a morning person. It normally takes me a few hours to really ‘wake up’ (which means be able to put together coherent sentences).
I used to teach school, and in my classroom I always kept my own coffee pot. It was more out of laziness than anything else. I didn’t want to roll down the hall, across the parking lot, and through a maze of students and administrators to the teacher’s lounge. I was more comfortable just kicking it in my room.
Since I had some coffee there, why not experiment. I started grinding my own beans. Then I started buying Starbucks exclusively.
Starbucks translates “good coffee” to a new coffee junkie.
When Amanda and I moved to Columbia, SC, I was excited to be five miles from an actual Starbucks STORE! I spent WAY too much money there!!! Seriously… 8$ for a cup of coffee?
Here are a few of my favorite drinks at a Starbucks:

  • Cafe Mocha – This was my go-to drink when I first started hitting the Starbucks coffee shops. Here was my order: non-fat, no whip, triple grande, black & white mocha with a shot of toffee nut.
  • Grande Red Eye – This is what I’d be ordering now-a-days. A Red Eye is drip coffee with two shots of espresso poured in. LOTS AND LOTS of caffeine.

These days I’m not visiting the Starbucks as much, since we now live in rural, central North Carolina, and that has opened me up to some new opportunities to make some coffee at home.
Here’s a few places I’ve ordered coffee from and really enjoyed it:

  • Ugly Mug Coffee Co. – Ugly Mug hails from Memphis, TN (the Seattle of Southwestern Tennessee). They have a blend called “Saving Grace” which I love.
  • Victrola Coffee Roasters – Based in Seattle, Victrola makes some great coffee and ships it straight from the roaster (roasting dates posted on the packaging).
  • Harden Coffee Artisan Roasters – My friend Josh brings me this from the hills of Kentucky. It’s good, good stuff.

I love coffee, but not as much as Jesus, my family or my church, however it can make my experience with them a little better!
I feel better now that I’ve got this off my chest.

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