What Worship Isn't … (Part 2)

Worship isn’t singing.
If all you know of worship is singing then you know little of worship.
Upon reading that some of you are rather relieved.
“Good. I hate to sing.” (You just muttered that to yourself. I heard you.)
I understand. Well, not really. I enjoy singing, but there are things I don’t enjoy doing … like cleaning the toilet. If someone told me “Having a clean house has little to do with cleaning your toilets” there would be some legit relief on my part.
Worship isn’t singing because singing shouldn’t be able to contain our affectionate response to the love of God so generously leveraged to us through Jesus.
If all you know of worship is singing, there’s a lot more space in the room to explore.
Grab the cowbell. Explore the space.
When we resign worship to singing, we forget that life has significance in its spaces.
Worship is not always about the doing. Doing is a part, but worship is much more concerned with the being.
Being happens to us a lot. You’re being something right now.
That introduces us to a very significant question: what exactly are you being?
Are you being busy? Or still? Are you being spent? Or faithful?
What exactly are you being?
Our being should be being in response to Jesus. That’s what worship is.

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