What Worship Isn't … (Part 1)

Worship isn’t about you.
It’s not about what you like or your preferences.
Worship has nothing to do with your tastes.
Worship isn’t a pick and choose menu.
Worship isn’t about you, because it’s all about Jesus.
Worship is the correct response to Jesus. In it’s purest and most beautiful form, worship is completely centered on Him.
Worshipping Jesus isn’t about what you like. It helps to like Jesus, but there are going to be moments you don’t like Him. Learning to worship Jesus requires us to respond to Him when we don’t like it. When you’re lost, hurting, frustrated, angry, and confused … those are moments to worship.
Worship isn’t about about my preferences or my tastes. When worship is informed or defined in the terms of my preferences or my tastes, it has subtly shifted its focus from being centered on Jesus to being all about me. Worship has nothing to do with what I get and everything to do with what I give. Make no mistake: there is a getting in the giving, but the heart of the worshipper is bent on giving.
Worship is a menu. I know, I know … I said it wasn’t. It is. Worship is a choice that we make everyday. Will you live today in response to your need for more money? Will you live today in response to your desire to be loved and affirmed by other people? Will you live today in response to fear, anxiety, depression, or doubt?
Or … Will you live today in response to the love that God so graciously has afforded you through His Son, Jesus?
It isn’t a menu because there’s only one choice.

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