The Wrong Short.

This morning I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some things I needed for the office.
Pulling up I noticed a guy in front of me loading groceries into his trunk (reference the picture above).
After loading the groceries, he noticed another cart someone had left outside the corral (the place you’re supposed to leave your cart), rolled his cart over to the other rouge cart, and left it there (notice the carts closest in the picture).
Look at the picture again: the corral for the grocery carts was closer that the other misplaced cart.
My first job was at a bagger at a small town grocery store. I suppose that makes me a tad more sensitive to this issue. Most grocery stores provide a place for you to return their carts as you leave their stores. It’s where you should leave your carts.
I suppose it’s easy to get confused.
It’s easy to get our minds fixed on something, especially the wrong thing, tunnel our vision, and pursue that thing with everything we have.
Have you ever done that?
Have you ever convinced yourself that the wrong thing was the right thing?
Have you ever given up good things to chase the wrong thing?
Face it: we like short. We like the fastest connection between to places. We like to make the most out of less, to spend less time and get more out of it.
Sometimes we get confused.
Sometimes we pick the wrong short.
The guy in that picture failed to notice that what he should have done was more convenient that what he ultimately did.
The right thing was right there and he missed it.
Whenever you get in place where your heart is fixed on something slow down, back up, and take a break.
That applies to anything. Are you really, really set on getting a new car? So tired of the tension in your marraige you constantly redirect your affections and thoughts towards someone else? Nothing but that new [whatever] will satisfy you?
Welcome to your wrong short.
There’s really only one thing our hearts can get fixed on that leads to wholeness, fulfillment, and joy … that’s Jesus.
The writer of Hebrews says it this way: “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” (verse 12:2. NIV)
I guess in the end shopping carts aren’t that big of a deal. Or are they?
Here’s a bit I’ve heard Joyce Meyers share a few times. It made me think the first time she shared it. It should make you think a little too:


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