The Sickness & What It Teaches Us

The sickness comes to visit every year around this time. It’s a brutal routine a lot of us share: the yellow/greenish stuff starts falling from the trees, coats our porches and cars, and invades our lungs. My sinuses apparently hate the yellow/greenish stuff. In turn, they rebel and start producing a yellow/greenish product of their own that wrecks my voice and fills my head.

Here’s why I’m kind-of ok the sickness: without the sickness we can’t gain perspective and appreciate the times we are healthy.

The only way to gain perspective on something is to see it from a different way. When we’ve only had one view for a while (or ever), it’s easy for our perspective to get out of whack.

I suppose that’s why Jesus replied to Simon “he who is forgiven little, loves little.” (Luke 7)

Our pursuit of Jesus flows out of our perspective. Those who have seen their great need for grace and redemption return a lot of affection and adoration to Jesus. Those who live with a skewed perspective on their need for Jesus, live with little love for Him.

What has happened to change your perspective?

What has changed the way you view life? the way you view Jesus?

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