Spotlight Tuesday

Spotlight Tuesday is just a way for me to share some of whats been going on recently in my life.

THE COUNTDOWN IS ON: We have less than ten weeks left now until our little girl arrives. Given the “going early” or “arriving late” the window is really from seven weeks to twelve weeks from now, or from June 26th through July 31st.
BABY NEWS: Our little girl is doing quite well. Amanda is feeling her move a lot these days. She’s responding to my voice a lot (which makes Daddy happy)! We’ve started getting stuff for her nursery. We bought the crib yesterday (thanks to my wife’s parents!). I cannot express how excited I am about being a Dad.
AMANDA: Amanda has been sickly for the past few days. She is suffering with some significant lower-back pain that looks a lot like kidney stones. She was admitted to the hospital on Saturday and released Sunday evening, but today she is still at home coping with the pain. Please pray for her; pregnancy alone is difficult enough … pregnancy with kidney stones & significant pain is really, really uncomfortable. ¬†She’s a trooper, but your prayers are significant & helpful.
WHAT GOD’S BEEN TEACHING ME: Several weeks ago I really began to notice the difference between “nagging” & “encouraging”. When you lead folks, it’s really easy to be disappointed with their behavior. Letdowns are going to happen. When we respond with nagging it creates a negative tension. You might get the desired response by nagging, but the change produced want last. When we encourage we push people towards something better, something they can do, something we believe in. Encouragement produces lasting change in people’s lives.
GOLF: I’ve played golf a few times in the last few weeks. We’re in that small window time where there is some amazing weather in South Carolina. This is the season you be outside all day and feel comfortable. Soon it will be so hot in the middle of the day, you’ll wither and die with direct contact with the sunlight. I played pretty crappy the first round but during the last round I shot a 90, which is pretty solid for me.

  • Augustana “Augustana” (thanks, Josh)
  • The Temper Trap “Conditions
  • Foo Fighters “Wasting Light”

I’M READING: “Counterfeit Gods” by Tim Keller. I read other books to study. I read Keller because he minister’s to me.

  • Our SEVENTH wedding anniversary is this weekend (Sunday, May 15th). I’m going to post more about this later this week.
  • This weekend I’m officiating the wedding of my friends Sean & Carrie. There’s really nothing I feel more passionate about than helping young couples launch out into marriage successfully. I’m excited; it’ll be a party.
  • We go back to the OBGYN (Baby Doctor) this Thursday. Our appointments will coming up more regularly.
  • Amanda and I are going to Asheville to see Mumford & Sons in a few weeks. Our friends Josh & Sheila and Eric & Erica will be joining us … Awesome. I should get to see my long-lost friend Chris Bunting (whom I used to coach football with) there.
  • My sister’s and my mother’s birthday’s hit in a few days. Happy Birthday Mom & Gina!

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