Spotlights (from the last few).

Here are a few spotlights from the past week:

1. My last few weeks have been dominated by the sickness (the kind that flows out of the pollen of spring in the Carolinas). Last week I spent the majority of my time in the bed. Started some new meds, haven’t felt any better. Revisiting the doctor this afternoon. Round 3?
2. I used a neti-pot for the first time, which is a rather intense 90 seconds.
3. My wife has taken amazing care of me. She’s six months pregnant, and now she’s sickly too. She’ll be joining me at the doctors office this afternoon. That’s not exactly how I intended to repay her …
4. In the last three weeks I’ve had to pull out of the following because I’ve been sick, all of which were events I have been preparing for &  looking forward to participating in:

  • Cooper River Bridge Run
  • USMC Marine MudRun
  • Tommy Head / Living Water Benefit Concert (with the KSB)

5. I booked tickets for my wife and myself to see Mumford & Sons in Asheville, NC. Consequently, I’ve been listening to Mumford quite a bit.
6. I let myself eat cookies, again. I had to cut myself off, again. Cookies could be the death of me.
7. We completed registering for all the stuff you buy when you’re having your first baby. I had no idea you “need” all this stuff. Babies is expensive.
8. I had lunch at Tropical Smoothie Cafe 5 times last week.
9. Currently about to finish Rob Bell’s “Love Wins”. Yea, I’ll let you know what I think of it when I’m done (maybe this week).
10. Our church hosted my friends Nikita Koloff & Lex Luger this weekend. I seriously love those guys. One of the local news affiliates did a feature story on us:

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