Pregnancy Lessons: Farts

There is a type of pregnancy that we all experience: where a notion, an idea, a vision, or desire takes root in our hearts, impregnates us, grows, develops, and eventually we give birth to it.
Right now, I’m learning a lot about pregnancy by watching my wife. Amanda and I are expecting our first child, a little girl, due in July.
One of the most uncomfortable, hilarious, and unexpected byproducts of her pregnancy has been my wife’s farts. 
Unlike some other couples, I must admit that my wife has been comfortable passing gas in my company for quite some time. I’m pretty sure she just wants some sort of retaliation for my over-willingness to do the same. Though this is not the first time I’ve heard her pass gas, there has been a change in the frequency and intensity of her gaseousness during her pregnancy.
The reason a pregnant woman farts more is simple: the growing baby limits the space thats available for crap inside her.
In the same way, when we’re pregnant with a notion, an idea, or a vision the room for crap in our lives begins to shrink.
As God grows His “baby” inside of us, the room for junk in our lives decreases. During these seasons of development, there will be moments where we “fart” and that junk that has so comfortably existed inside of us will find a way out.
When you “fart” you’ll find yourself getting angry, being uncomfortable, feeling sad or depressed. Every time you “fart” something is coming to the surface that points to crap inside you, crap that can’t stay if this “baby” is going to grow.
What are you pregnant with?
What crap is rising to the surface in your life?

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