Prayer. Persistance. Power.

Last Saturday my pregnant wife, Amanda, was admitted to the hospital. She had some significant, acute pain in her lower back.
The doctor’s couldn’t find evidence of a kidney stone, which she has already had during her pregnancy. The ultrasound of her kidneys didn’t show any abnormality. With little explanation she was discharged on Sunday afternoon.
The pain persisted, though.
On Tuesday, she was still in significant pain, so the decision was made to readmit her.
The same tests showed the same thing, and again there was lots of pain with little to no evidence of what was causing it.
I let a few friends know what was going on through a series of text messages. By Tuesday evening we were getting constant updates from friends that simply said “I’m praying for you.”
I have to admit … I normally pay little attention to people saying “I’m praying for you” because it’s what we’ve learned to say. I’m not sure how authentic we are when we drop those words. I don’t tell people that “I’m praying for you” unless I am or have.
As people told us that they were praying for us, there was a sense that we were being supported by our friends and family. Their prayers mattered. Their prayers were making a difference.
On Wednesday afternoon, my wife passed another large kidney stone. The pain subsided. She was aching but felt relief for the first time in a few days.
As the news unfolded, I was immediately aware of the power of God that had responded to the prayers of His people during the episode. Even though there was no evidence of a stone, a stone had been passed, and health was being restored.
When we pray, God shows up.
Not like a butler whom we command.
In His time. In His way.
There is power when we persist in prayer.
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