I Hate Greg Dowey

There … I said it. I feel a lot better getting that off my chest.
You might be asking: “Who is Greg Dowey?”
Well … I’ve worked under the guy for over five years now. He’s the guy I’ve reported to and had to follow. He’s the pastor of our church.
You’re probably now wondering “Why are you doing / writing this?”
Well, when you get involved in ministry, it’s an open invitation for people to hate you. People love to shower their Pastors with haterade.
I thought it might be helpful if you knew a few reasons I hate him so much.
1. He laughs too much.
Seriously, he laughs all the time. Ministry is supposed to be serious, right? We’re talking about life and death matters here. Can you really take time to laugh and actually enjoy life? It’s seriously annoying. He loves to tell stories and make other people laugh and his laugh is kind of infectious. I hate it. There’s something unnatural about a Pastor who laughs that much.
2. He’s willing to live in the tension.
Come on … pick a side. You know, either be a law-leveraging conservative or be overly-gracious liberal. Can you really try to be BOTH? That’s just not how it works in this world. You can’t be both pastor who is willing to talk about sin and one who is willing to empower his people to live in freedom through their convictions, can you? It’s so much easier to follow someone who makes it black and white. Tell you people what to do, Pastor! Stop asking them to think for themselves!
3. He’s too willing to make tough decisions.
Everybody knows that when times get tough, you call together a committee and let them make the decision so that you don’t have to be the bad guy. That’s how it’s done. Not for this guy. He’s willing to charge in like a bull in a China shop and lead! What kind of Pastor does that? And you know what I really hate about him? He’ll make the right decision when he knows it going to hurt someone he loves. Where are you priorities? Shouldn’t we willing to compromise for the comfort of the people we’re leading?
4. He reads his Bible too much.
I’m so tired of having a conversation with him and hearing “I was reading my bible the other day and …”. Who really loves the scriptures that much? I hate that EVERY time we start something new or work to refresh something he always starts with “This is where I coming from in the Bible.” He’s even talking about having our church read the WHOLE BIBLE together next year. That’s completely absurd. What kind of Pastor puts that much emphasis on the scriptures?
5. He’s too eager to take a risk with Jesus.
It’s supposed to work like this: we hear from God, we ask our friends what they thing about it, we read books that talk about what we know God called us to do, we wait until we’re certain that we can accomplish what God has called us, and then we start trying to do it. Not for this guy. All he has to do is hear from God … and he’s got enough to start charging forward. Who really thinks faith is all you need to be obedient? Apparently this guy does.
I’m probably going to be officially labeled a “Greg-hater” now. (a Gator)
I don’t mind that, especially if it’s for the reasons listed above.
If you haven’t noticed yet: this was all written as a bit of a joke.
Actually, I love him for the reasons I’ve mentioned above.+ I love the fact he loves to laugh & works to enjoy life.
+ I love that he leads us to live in the tens
ions, and doesn’t take the easy way out.
+ I love that he’s willing to make tough decisions in tough times.
+ I love that  he loves the Scriptures so much.
+ I love that he’s willing to take risks to follow Jesus.
His leadership has taught me significant lessons over the past few years, specifically in these areas.

While he is my Pastor, Greg has become on my best friends, biggest advocates and supporters, and a great mentor over the time I’ve spent here. He has intentionally given me opportunities to stretch me and presented me with multiple opportunities to grow.
Pastor Greg has been a good friend to me and my family. I love him dearly.

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