Drop Off

We dropped off Adahlae to daycare for the first time today.
Amanda cried. I was sad. Adahlae is getting a couple people dedicated to taking care of her, having some fun, and making some friends.
I supposed this is when it all really starts.
We all have our own schedules now. Adahlae has a place to go that’s all her own. Amanda goes off to work. Most mornings, I come into the office at church to write and plan and work for Jesus. We’ll end up at home in the evenings and that makes home a lot more homey.
I suppose that’s what makes a family: a group of folks who go different directions, but all end up at the same place.
Family is important; don’t ever think it isn’t.
We all have lots of different families.
Our church staff is a family to me. The folks in our church are family to me. My friends are family. And … my family is a family to me.
Here are three quick thoughts on family:
1. Families don’t always go the same direction.
Families should include different kind of folks. If your family all looks the same, acts the same, and thinks the same you need some new people in your family. Thats what makes it family interesting. My favorite thing to do when I’m with some of my family is get them all riled up with a different perspective than theirs. Vanilla is great, but it’s better with some hot fudge. Face it … it’s even better with a few nuts too.
2. There’s always friction when people are going different directions.
Friction is the natural result of motion, and you’re going to have to learn how to manage it. It’s important to note that word used in scripture for “unity” doesn’t translate to “being the same”. The word used literally means “saying the same thing” (ref: Romans 15:5). Families are on the same page; they’re landing at the same place. Along the way, there’s going to be friction in the comings and goings. Use that friction to refine you. Let it shape the person you’re becoming. Be gracious and understanding. Learn to encourage and not gripe or nag. Let the friction shape you (Proverbs 27:17).
3. Families end up at the same place.
Tonight my wife, myself, and my little girl will be in our home. We’ll sit together, eat together, and laugh together. That doesn’t mean that we’ve had similar days. We all traveled different paths, but we’ll end up at the same place. Every family has a different destination, but for family to work … everybody has to be willing to land at the same place.

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