3 Things To Avoid A Creepy Christmas

There are years Christmas seems cheerful and years it creeps by. Those cheerful Christmas years are amazing, and the creepy years are … well … creepy.
So in the hopes of helping you steer clear of a “Creepy Christmas” I thought I’d share three ways to avoid such catastrophe:
1. Sing.
One of my favorite holiday movies is “Elf” featuring Will Ferrel, and one of my favorite lines from that movie is “The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” You can’t sing throughout Christmas and have a “Creepy Christmas”. There’s a deep connection to what we express in song and the trajectory of our feelings, so sing loud and joyfully this Christmas.
2. Give.
Christmas, unfortunately, taught us from our early years to think about what we GET and not what we GIVE. It’s unfortunate, because getting is rarely as meaningful as giving. So, if you’re heading for a “Creepy Christmas” change your posture and focus on GIVING. If you don’t have money to buy gifts, thats ok! Find somewhere to give your time! Every town has a place that serves the less fortunate this time of year. Call them and volunteer. I guarantee you’ll feel more cheerful and less creepy.
3. Focus.
Focus more on Jesus and less on yourself this Christmas. We all get a little creepy when we focus on ourselves too much. Christmas ultimately is a celebration of Jesus. When we make something about ourselves that should be about Jesus, it always gets creepy. To focus on Jesus this Christmas, spend time praying and reflecting on the following passages from the scriptures:

  • Luke 1:26 – 2:40
  • Matthew 1:18 – 2:23
  • Revelation 12:1-12
  • Philippians 2:5-11

It’s my sincere prayer that you avoid a creepy Christmas this year. Instead, I hope that the most beautiful message of all time, that God came to us, provokes awe and cheer in your heart as you sing, give, and focus on the best gift you could ever get, Jesus.

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  1. Hope you all had a great first Christmas with your daughter. We loved your sentiments (and love ELF too), and can’t wait for you to see Christmas through the eyes of your children when they take every care to leave by the fireplace water and carrot for the Reindeer, a cookie and drink for Santa (this year a low-fat one!!) . Every year before we go to bed on xmas eve Martin and I drain out some of the water and sprinkle grass in it, chomp through the raw carrot to leave a bit (hide the rest in the bin), eat the cookie etc. Then we leave the fire screen pushed aside and subtely scatter a few soot lumps on the marble, with a dash of my body shimmer powder which looks like magic dust – yes, I’ve even made boot shaped shimmer prints on the carpet!!!! The first half hour on Christmas morning is always about inspecting the evidence of what Santa has/hasn’t eaten etc. One year, he took the glass too and Sarah is still waiting for him to return it!!! We think this was her last year of believing though, and Samuel has kept it a secret. You have all this wonderment to come ……………………….. Also, watch ‘Polar Express’ – it moves me to tears every time, but is a wonderful film. And now I put my oven gloves on the hands of our snowmen (you will get this when you see the movie). Happy New Year to you all xx

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