Adahlae: Pictures From Her 1st & 2nd Weeks

Becoming a Daddy is a pretty amazing thing.
There have been moments I over the last few weeks where I’ve felt encouraged and ready to charge forward. There have been moments that I’ve feel completely overwhelmed. There have been times I look at her and think “How’d you get here?”
It seems like just yesterday Amanda was walking out of the bathroom as I was pacing in the living room anxiously waiting the results of the pregnancy test announcing “I’m pregnant.”
One thing I’ve heard over and over again from parents is “Time’ll fly by. They’ll be grown before you know it.”
I can tell. In just a few days Adahlae will be a month old. A MONTH OLD! The fast few weeks have flown by.
As I reflect over the last weeks, I thought I’d share a few pictures with you:

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