A Special Announcement & Prayer Request

I’m really excited to let you know that Amanda and I will be heading to the hospital tomorrow (Thursday, July 14th) morning to meet our little girl.
Amanda will be delivering her via a C-section at Lexington Medical Center in West Columbia, SC.
The decision to deliver via C-section was not an easy one for either our OB group or for Amanda and myself. From the ultrasounds and measurements during the last few weeks and observing how Amanda has been progressing to deliver, the decision was made earlier this week to move forward with the procedure. Given what we know: it’s the safest thing for our baby & it’s the safest thing for Amanda.
Obviously, I would like to ask for your prayers for both my wife and our little girl. Delivery via a C-section provides a few different challenges, and your prayers will be greatly appreciated.
If you could, please take a few moments and pray for these few requests:

  1. Pray that Amanda would experience a routine surgery with a speedy recovery. Also, please pray for Amanda’s health as she not only recovers from the surgery, but also as her body begins to regulate itself after this pregnancy. Overall, pregnancy has been pretty good to her, and we’re believing that it has paved the way for a healthier life. If you’re not aware of Amanda’s testimony, I encourage you to watch it on YouTube.
  2. Pray for our baby’s lungs in those first few moments out of the womb. Babies delivered via C-section have a little more difficulty breathing initially. While the hospital and our doctors are well equipped to deal with this, God ultimately is in control of our little girl’s health. I’m trusting Him. Will do that along with me?
  3. Pray for both Amanda and myself as we begin this new leg of our journey. It’s going to be a pretty tremendous change, but it’s a sacred endeavor. We’re excited for the interruptions and complications to our lives. We don’t have any grand ideas that we’ve got it all together. We just want to be faithful. Pray that the Holy Spirit gives us the strength and wisdom we need to be just that.

The C-section is scheduled for 10:30 in the morning. I will be posting some updates to both Twitter, YouTube, and here on the blog during those first few days.
Thanks for your friendship, love, and mostly … thanks to all of you who have shared this journey with us. It has been a real honor to do so with you.
-Kevin & Amanda
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  1. Kevin,
    Keeping you guys in my prayers. Our first son Ian was C section after over 12 hours of pushing. His head was pushing against my pelvic bone and he did not want to come out! My C-section went GREAT!, And that was 15 years ago. I loved having a C-section and my recovery was fine. I was a little sore but no complications. Later I had Lindsey vaginally and Wow, I wished I had gotten a C. HA! After Ian, when I got home from the hospital, I began to clean house. cause I was crazy!! Make sure she rests often and naps when she feels good. This is going to be great !! Im excited for you!!!

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