I totally love roast beef sandwiches with cheddar cheese on some wheat bread.

I am diggin’ on the new Generation Unleashed worship CD.

I’m feeling refreshed after a very productive day out of the office.

I love how clean my carpets are.  I’m kind of a neat freak.

I’m planting new shrubs with my father this Friday in front of my house, a very ambitious undertaking.

I’m trying to plan our summer vacation and it just isn’t falling together easily.

I like Led Zeppelin.

I enjoy coffee way too much, especially espresso made on the stove-top.

I’m kinda tired of guessing how cold or hot it’s gonna be each day.  I want to wear shorts and flip-flops with confidence.

I have a tooth that hurts all the time.  I need to get that looked into.

This weekend, we’re doing a drama at church that should be amazing and emotional and I have to sing all the way through it.  I’m afraid I might cry.

My parents are amazing.  My mom came to visit this past Sunday.  Some blessings can never be over-stated.

I started eating Peanut M&Ms the other day, after I committed to not eat any sweets for three months.  I had to get back on the wagon … it was a difficult climb.

I love the TV Show “House”.  House is a jerk, a horrible boss, an addict, a manipulator, a pervert, an atheist, and everything else that’s bad in the world except … he’s got remarkable conviction.  I wish I operated with that kind of conviction in Jesus.

I love sunny days with no clouds in the sky … the sun makes everything feel ok.

I love it when my wife gets home … how she still has to kiss me first, even if she has to pee really bad.

I love it how, in small ways everyday, I’m reminded that Jesus is all I really need.


  1. very sweet, exspeaiclly about your wife. It mus be very nice to always beable to see the great side of anything. Even in the show House, which is mostly negitive. You can see that God works in you every day, because it seems that you always see the best no matter what. It must be nice to beable to be that close to God.

  2. The Re:nascent.com, this is very cool and interesting- lets have this be our next small group discussion. K

  3. Yea. I’m digging on the kiss even when she’s gotta pee real bad. I’m gonna start implementing that one. Sometimes i let the urge overtake me, from now on..no sir. I’m goin for the sugar.

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