Grace. [period]

Below is the best short film I’ve ever seen.  I encourage you to watch it … all fifteen minutes of it.

It’s a true account out of one of my hometowns, Summerville, SC, that contains all the elements to make it remarkably meaningful to me: story, adversity, a sports team doing something that’s never been done, and commitment to a vision that was bigger than anything they’d ever believed on their own.

When I watch this film I’m reminded of what brings about the life of Jesus inside of us.  It’s not our worth, because we have all fallen hopelessly short of the best Jesus wants for us.  It’s not our efforts for good, because even when our efforts seem to be at the best we most often become infected with a pride about how right we’ve become. 

It’s obviously not something I’ve done.  It’s what Jesus did, the most simplistically complicated truth in all of human existence: that a Savior gave himself over to a cross to bear the weight of all the sin of mankind and that, somehow, that work alone is what makes me good.

When Jesus looks at me, much like the fallen coach Mulkey who constantly believed the impossible and improbable, he sees the best when I can sometimes only see my worst.  I look at myself and call me “sinner”.  Jesus looks at me and calls me “clean”.  

That is grace. [period] 

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  1. I watched the entire video last week. I found myself crying throughout the video. The story is absolutely moving and if it weren’t on your blog, I would have never seen it. Thanks for sharing!

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